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Let our staff of Licensed & Insured technicians provide beneficial treatments and team building spa activities for your facility. We have a variety of safe and pain relieving treatments using some of our companies featured health products designed to address many common clinical conditions of the elderly that we deliver as a luxurious spa treatment!


Choose one group service or activity: 


Aromatherapy product making (lotion, neck wraps, bath salts)

$125 p/hr (2 hour minimum) serving 10 per hour


Aromatherapy hand & arm massages

$125 p/hr (2 hour minimum) serving 10 per hour


Barbering & Hair Styling

(Access to onsite salon required)

$115 p/hr serving (2 hour minimum) serving 8 per hour


Chair massage

$115 p/hr serving 16 per hour


Fee Includes:

 2 technicians, 1-2 tables, chairs, water bar, aromatherapy and all other supplies and equipment needed. Covered space or tent must be provided. There is a 75.00 tent fee for venues & events that do not provide a covered space or tent. An additional/optional technician fee may be required for larger events.

Individual Care Services


$70   60 min Swedish Massage

$75   60 min Aromatherapy Massage

$80   60 min Massage + Passive Stretching





$45   30min Aromatherapy Salt Scrub

$35   30min Aromatherapy Hand & Foot Treatments   

$25   30min Aromatherapy Face & Scalp massage   

$30   30min Neck & Shoulder Massage

$10   Deep Tissue Upgrade

$35+ Natural Hair braiding services



Note: Hydrotherapy may be contraindicated for anyone that has diabetes, cardiac issues, lung disease, kidney infection, extreme high or low blood pressure or any infectious skin condition. All of our services include the use of aromatherapy unless an allergy is indicated by the client.  


Our Transdermal Magnesium Oil Therapy helps to immediately alleviate a number of conditions in patients with complaints of restless leg syndrome, muscle cramps, low magnesium levels, diabetic neuropathy and inflammation, poor circulation and more. It even removes dead skin cells having an exfoliating affect on the skin.





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